Abbott BurstDR™ Patient Brochure


Description :

Abbott BurstDR™ Patient: Suggested illustration update for the Abbott BurstDR patient brochure.

Year : 2020

How BurstDR™ Stimulation Works :

When you feel chronic pain, it is because your nerves are sending pain signals to your brain. BurstDR™ stimulation works to reduce pain by altering the pain signals as they travel to the brain.

  1. Pain signals travel up the spinal cord to the brain.
  2. A generator, similar to a cardiac pacemaker, sends BurstDR stimulation pulses to a thin wire called a lead.
  3. The lead delivers these pulses to nerves along the spinal cord.
  4. The pulses modify the pain signals as they travel to different parts of the brain.
  5. The pulses change the way your body perceives pain — providing potential relief from the physical pain as well as the suffering associated with pain.

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