First Galaxies

First Galaxies

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Impacts: Climate Change Awareness Project — to share how we know what we know about climate change

My contribution: First Galaxies

Why did the Earth form around the Sun? How long has life been here? What was our planet’s past atmosphere like? When did it change? Where do fossil fuels come from? Can our planet’s past climate help us predict its future climate? How do we know?

Dave Jarvis, our project coordinator, has asked scientific illustrators to compose highly specific illustrations for each major event in the universe: Inflation Theory, First Stars, First Galaxies… Microbial Mats, Great Oxygenation Event, Complex Cells… Dinosaurs, Mammals, etc. The descriptive text includes how long ago the event happened, its relevance to us, how we acquired the knowledge, and how it affected the planet, life, or both. The final event ties the previous events together, informing the reader why taking action to mitigate climate change is the most pressing issue of our time.

The goal is to make a really beautiful and informative coffee table book to feature the artists’ illustrations.

After creating the book, one of the ways we hope to continue the project is to put the illustrations (events) on display along a seawall in James Bay (Victoria, British Columbia), with each illustration separated from its predecessor by a distance relative to when the events transpired, chronologically. As people walk from the Big Bang to the Anthropocene Extinction they experience the relative amount of time that took place between each event, providing a sense of scale. Each illustration will be 8″x32″.

A crowd-funding campaign to help fund the various aspects of the project can be found here:

Impacts: Climate Change Awareness Project

Year : 2019